Continuing Legal Education Program

The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program broadens the knowledge and skills of lawyers in order to maintain the requisite professional competence necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities to practice Law in the Republic of Liberia.

Under the CLE Program, a Continuing Legal Education Regulation, 2017 has been adopted by the National Convention of the LNBA.

Section four (4) of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Regulations, 2017 states that each lawyer shall complete a minimum of ten (10) credit hours of approved continuing legal education each year. It further states that credit hours for mandatory topics shall be determined by the LNBA Executive Council in consultation with the Legal Education Committee and six (6) of the credit hours shall be completed during LNBA Quarterly Assemblies and/or Annual Conventions, in order for a lawyer to be in good standing.

About LNBA

The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) was established on February 4, 1907 by an act of the National Legislature. The Liberian National Bar Association comprised is of lawyers, judges and law students .

How to become a member of LNBA

LNBA membership is limited to Liberians who are graduates of any recognized law school in Liberia or abroad. Such persons must have sat and passed the bar exam, and was thereafter, qualified and admitted to practice law in Liberia. Membership in this regard is in twofold, Attorneys-At-Law and Counsellors-At-Law.   For details on how to join, please click Join LNBA

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